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PA State Constables are not first responders. In case of emergency please call 9-1-1

Call 911 In Case of Emergency
Pine Township Mercer County

I was previously Elected to serve the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

by the voters of Pine Township, Mercer County, PA

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Constables Kolakowski & Cole

There are times that you may need expertise that Constable Cole can provide such as

Local Government Constable Peacekeeping Standbys-

Currently, many local governments/authorities in Pennsylvania do not have a local police presence they can count on to attend meetings and hearings to provide a peacekeeping deterrence. 

Many controversial issues are decided at the local level. Zoning, taxes increases, decisions regarding landfills, pipelines, forced tie-ins with public utilities, wells using fracking technology, and other decisions specific to your local are issues that may be cause for concern for disruption of a public meeting. Even a controversial Facebook post can lead to a protest.

Many groups that oppose or want to intimidate local leaders from conducting fair and impartial hearings are resorting to things such as a "Public Filibuster". According to the web page Beautiful Trouble  "Many people know about the U.S. Senate’s procedural filibusters, in which a dissenting senator holds the floor to keep a vote from happening. The people’s version, the public filibuster, is no different. When activists face hostile government agencies or hearings that exclude the public, this relatively low-risk tactic injects the public’s voice into an otherwise closed-off process. Confrontational but constructive, it has been adopted by a range of citizen groups". 

Groups behind web pages such as Beautiful Trouble (which refers to itself as "a book, web toolbox and international network of artist-activist trainers whose mission is to make grassroots movements more creative and more effective). Make it easy for agitators to obtain training, or learn online how to disrupt your local meetings. 

The entity holding a public meeting or forum should be prepared to protect the decision-making process, the safety and security of the attendees of the meeting, no matter what side of the issue they support. 

Examples of disrupted meetings can be accessed over the internet. Some of these include the following.

The Pennsylvania Sunshine Act  gives the public the right to comment on issues "that are or may be before the board." Agencies must provide a reasonable opportunity for residents and/or taxpayers to comment on an issue before a decision takes place". Ensuring that these comments remain civil and peaceful take experienced and trained professionals. 

"Agencies are permitted to establish rules to oversee public comment by, for example, limiting the time for each commenter. The Office of Open Records encourages agencies to take care when imposing time limits on public comment. Three minutes is a common limit and may be more than enough at most public meetings. However, it may not be adequate at certain meetings, such as when a complex draft budget is being discussed. It can be a good practice to allow for flexibility in any policy imposing time limits on public comment, taking care to ensure that the agency does not show partiality to some commenters over others".



Constable Laird Cole and his partner in

this service Constable Mark Kolakowski

are both certified, under Acts 49 and 235

for both public and private peacekeeping

functions.  These can include local

governmental, authority, or board functions

requiring a uniformed or plain-clothed

presence to monitor the guests and situations.

Both are honorably retired municipal police officers with over 20 years each as law enforcement professionals. Both have undergone advanced law enforcement training and psychological testing.  Both are bonded and insured.

For more information on Constable Cole CLICK HERE

For more information on Constable Kolakowski CLICK HERE

Other functions of Local Government Peacekeeping can include:

  • Patrolling the facilities to deter criminal activity.
  • Escort attendees to and from the meeting and the parking area.
  • Remove and issue trespass notices to those people that are no longer welcome at the event.
  • Check attendees for contraband not allowed at the venue.
  • Both Constables have law enforcement vehicles that can add a deterrent factor as people enter the parking area of the event. 

Some of these meetings involve serious and potentially volatile situations and need the right people to handle the situations. Constables Cole and Kolakowski have proven experience handling emotional situations and keeping the peace under many conditions.

Selecting the best representatives to perform these functions is an important decision. A levelheaded experienced individual can also reduce liability. Choosing a professional representative ensures the job is done correctly.

Other duties that the Constables can assist your municipality with are:

  • Serving process such as zoning violation notices.
  • Escorting zoning officers to properties that may harbor uncooperative persons.
  • Peacekeeping functions at community functions such as carnivals, festivals, and fairs.

Contact Constable Cole to schedule this service.  


Please contact Constable Cole for rates and scheduling your service.

While Constable Cole has Pennsylvania state-wide jurisdiction he tries to limit his activities to a 75-mile radius of Grove City, PA.  He does work with constables in other areas and may be able to refer you to a constable from your area, or for an increased service charge will go outside that area.

You can also search the state listing of certified constables maintained by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PACCD). You should research the qualifications of these constables as Constable Cole does not endorse based on this list.

PACCD Find a Constable