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Contact Constable Cole
Pine Township Mercer County

I was previously Elected to serve the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

by the voters of Pine Township, Mercer County, PA

PA State Constable Badge
Mercer County PA

Business Phone



Experience / Training


Law Enforcement

The Pennsylvania State University (Instructor for Constable Education and Training)


PA State Constable Jan. 2016- Present

Grove City Police Department 1991-2008

Slippery Rock University Police 1989-1991

Night Watchmen / Special Police College Garden Properties 1989-1991

Cochranton Borough Police Department 1989-1990

Fire / EMS

Grove City Area Rescue Squad (mid-1990's)

Slippery Rock Volunteer Fire Department (1989-1991)

Emergicare Ambulance Service (1987-1989)

Kearsarge Fire Department (1986-1989)

Professional Awards / Recognition

In small departments, like I served in recognition was more personal

then in larger departments where officers moved around and needed a

"paper trail" to let others know what kind of an officer they were.

I was pleased to get more than my share while serving the public

at the agencies I worked for. 

Muscular Dystrophy Association Letter of Recognition July 2003
City of Cuyahoga Falls Police Dept. Letter of Recognition August 2000
Pennsylvania State Police Letter of Commendation February 1998
Slippery Rock Police  Letter of Recognition January 1998
Attorney General of PA Special Commendation  May 1997
Citizens letter to Chief of Police for exceptional service 12-29-1992
Grove City Police Letter of Commendation 1992
Butler County, State of PA and National Mothers Against Drunk Driving Certificates of Merit for 1991


Master of Science Information Systems La Roche College December '18

Master of Science In Human Resource Management La Roche College July '16

B.S. Information Systems Slippery Rock University December '11

A.A.S. Computer Forensics and Network Security Butler County Community College May '09


LE Basic Instructor for less than lethal aerosols- Combined Tactical Systems Training Institute. 

Adult, Child, and Infant, Pediatric CPR/AED & First Aid
Basic School Resource Officer Course (40 Hrs) NASRO

2019 Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council Conference Pittsburgh PA 

Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse: Mandated and Permissive Reporting in Pennsylvania

Safe and Effective Use of Law Enforcement Personnel in Work Zones

National Traffic Incident Management Responder Training 
Human Factor Research Group (formerly PPCT) Threat Pattern Recognition Use of Force Instructor

Instructor Development for School Constable Education and Training (Act 49)

PA State Constable Basic Training

Advanced Constable Firearms Qualified
Act 235 Lethal Weapons Training Certificate
Instructor National Rifle Association - Refuse to be a Victim Seminar
Instructor National Rifle Association Basic Pistol Safety
PA National Guard Officer Candidate School, 1986 to 1987.
Advanced First Aid, CPR, AED

MOAB Strategies for Preventing & Diffusing Aggressive Behavior March 2016
OCAT Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) Course March 2016
Monadnock Expandable Baton March 2016
40-Hour Basic Firearms Certification (PA State Constable) May 2016
Annual Municipal Police Training and Education Commission Mandatory updates (Through 2008)
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation - Certificate of Training:  Accident Reporting Workshop
Image Scan -     Certificate of Completion:  FBI-CART Image Scan System Issued 08/30/06
Taser International -Taser X26 Certification - Issued 06/18/06, 06/06/05
Butler County Community College and Pennsylvania State Fire Academy - Certificate of                            Training:  Awareness Level Annual Refresher - Issued 02/15/06, 02/06/01, 02/22/00
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania/Pennsylvania State Police - Certificate of Training:  Five- Day                    Driver Refresher - Issued 11/04/05
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania/Pennsylvania State Police - Certificate of Training:  Introduction                to Internet Crimes - Issued 09/21/05
First Responder - Certificate of Completion: DNA Evidence Collection and Utilization Training -                  Issued 09/07/05
Bureau of Justice Assistance Center for Task Force Training - Certificate of Completion:                              Methamphetamine Investigation Management - Issued 07/30/03
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania/Pennsylvania State Police - Certificate of Training:                                    Interviewing and Interrogation - Issued 09/12/02
Armstrong County and Butler County District Attorney's, in association with the  Pennsylvania                   Office of the Attorney General's Region VI BNI Office - Certificate of Completion:  GHB,                     MDMA, LSD, Ketamine, Letter Drugs, Raves and Club Drugs - Issued 02/09/01
United States Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration - Certificate of Completion:              Highway Interdiction - Issued 04/22/1999
Pennsylvania State Police - Certificate of Completion:  Firearms Training System (F.A.T.S.) -                      Issued 09/17/1998, 04/28/1994
NIK Public Safety, Inc. - Certificate of Completion:  NIK Polytesting System of Narcotics                              Identification Competency Level Course - Issued 03/03/1998
U.S. Department of Justice - Certificate of Training:  Traps and Hidden Compartments in                             Vehicles and Residences - Issued 09/03/1997
PPCT Management Systems, Inc. - Certificate of Training:  Straight Baton Techniques                                 Speedcuffing Weapon Retention - Issued 06/02/1997
The Command Centre for Law Enforcement Training and Development, Inc. - Certificate of                         Completion:  Crack Cocaine and Street Level Drugs - Issued 11/07/1997
Systems Innovation Inc. - Certificate of Proficiency:  Electronic Speed-Timing Device                                   Nonradar - Issued 05/14/1992
PA State Fire Academy and Butler Community College National Emergency Training                                   Center/National Fire Academy - Certificate of Training:  Hazardous Materials                                       Recognition and Identification - Issued 03/25/1991
Commonwealth Department of Transportation and Department of Health - Certificate of                               Training:  Intoxilyzer Model 5000 - 40 Hour - Issued 10/19/1990
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Education - Certificate of Training:                                       Intoxilyzer Model 5000 - 40 Hour - Issued 10/19/1990
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission - Certificate of Training:                               Ethnic Intimidation Institutional Vandalism Cultural Awareness Pennsylvania                                       Human Relations Act - Issued 04/18/1990
The Pennsylvania Police Criminal Law Bulletin - Certificate of Completion:  Police Legal                               Update Course - Issued 04/07/1990
Identi-Kit Company, Inc - Certificate of Achievement:  Identi-Kit System - Issued 04/12/1990
              D. Glenn Foster and Associates, Inc. - Certificate of Training:  Kinesic Interview                                  Technique  Levels 1 and 2 - Issued 12/23/1989
Havis-Shields Equipment Corporation - Certificate of Training:  Alco-Sensor - Issued 01/26/1989
Interrotec Institute - Certificate of Training:  Kinesic Interview Technique Training Course                             Detection and Interrogation Phases - Issued 01/13/1989

Mercyhurst College  Municipal Police Officers Training Acadamy

Laird Cole
Pennsylvania State Constable
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