A Constable is a sworn Law Enforcement/Peace Officer that can arrest for felony crimes, dog and forest law violations, and breaches of the peace committed in his presence, or by warrant anywhere in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Constables are also empowered by the PA Vehicle Code to direct traffic.

     A Constable is empowered to carry out the business of the unified  court system by serving warrants of arrest, mental health warrants, transporting prisoners, service of summons, complaints, subpoenas, and enforcing protection from abuse orders as well as orders of eviction and judgement levies.

Constables may also assist citizens with a wide variety of public safety needs that other agencies are unable to handle due to budgetary, and staffing issues. Please look at our Services link to see how Constable Cole can assist you.  

Constables are likely the most cost effective and efficient law enforcement entities in the commonwealth and draw no salary from the state / taxpayer. Judicial duties are paid via a set fee schedule outlined by state law, these court costs are borne by the defendant in criminal matters or the plaintiff in civil matters.

The constable commonly receives taxpayer funds for court related functions indirectly only in the instance that the constable is commanded by the court to perform service on an indigent person, in which case the county may pay the appropriate fee bill  compensation as outlined by state law.

Additional duties and services are negotiated by the Constable and the requesting party. Contact Constable Cole.

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More than 20 years experience as a professional law enforcement officer. Certified, bonded, and insured. For more information on Constable Cole click here to see his biography. 

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PA State Constables are not first responders. In case of emergency please call 9-1-1